Monday, 18 May 2015

Foul Shot-Soccer

Last week my class wrote a poem about any sport we wanted. I did my poem on scoring a goal. We had to use verbs and have 2 stanzas. We also had to put each action on a new line. Writing these types of poems was quite hard. I hope you can follow my class.

Here is my poem!

My Foul Shot

She shouts for the ball,
It zips about 2 meters from her,
She sprints for it
Her foot on the spiraling ball,
She peers around,
Eyes concentrated,
No ones there,

The ball takes flight,
Flies over two people
Bounces off the pole,

She can hear her coach saying “good try”
And then
                           And then                        
                                                    And then,
She boots the ball,
And… scores.

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